We are grateful for each and every testimonial.  I gives us an opportunity to learn and grow us providers. Thank you for sharing here and on YELP.


From Robin W. 

Our son has Autism & an auto-immune disorder called PANDAS. He experienced a traumatic event at his prior school, when the symptoms of his PANDAS where mistaken as a behavior problem. At that time we were working with another Reiki practitioner, when she advised us that she wanted us to bring him in more often for treatment. We did not see any improvement from all the additional visits and came to the conclusion it was all about the money. One of my son’s therapists recommended Eric & Renata to us. Wow, what a difference.

Renata started using Reiki on our son. This helped him recover from this past school event, emotionally & physically.  She helped him understand that he was safe, protected and that the physical symptoms of his PANDAS would clear and heal as well. Renata was very patient with our son and his disorder, sometimes one clearing and healing led to another flare and then that had to cleared and healed.  She had to keep working through all those layers. Her work complimented his bio-medical plan from his doctor.

Recently we’ve just started some co-treat sessions with Renata and Eric working on our son together. He is now becoming a confident young man. He is learning to trust again and now can attend his new school without fear of someone misunderstanding him or his actions.

Eric has been helping me work though my emotions, feelings of guilt, and trusting others with our son.  He helped work thru those feelings of guilt I had over this event that happened to our son.  I needed to forgive myself and let this whole event go and move on. I can’t tell how much better I feel and am now in a better place to support my son.  Eric has taught me some great strategies in case I’m having a bad moment, so I can get myself back to a positive state.  I still have a lot of other things to work on and look forward to accomplishing that in my future sessions with Eric.

I have already referred one of my friends to Renata and Eric.  Renata started working with her son. He also has the diagnosis of Autism.  He too has made great progress after a couple sessions.

I would definitely recommend this group. They are highly educated on the methods they practice, Reiki, hypnosis and life coaching and know how to integrate them. I love how they can provide solutions and strategies that work.


From Kate L

My life used to be controlled by anxiety, fear, and false beliefs, but now I am free thanks to Renata.
I have been working with Renata for about 3 years. I first reached out to Renata when I had to fly for business, and wanted to work on my fear of flying. I had tried flying before with anxiety medication, but still had panic attacks. Renata addressed the root issue of my fear, and after just a couple sessions of hypnosis, I had my flight and actually enjoyed it! I felt calm, relaxed, and surprisingly excited.
I began to see the positive effects of our sessions with other fears in my life, and continued seeing Renata for hypnosis and life coaching. I was able to better understand my subconscious mind, how and why certain thought patterns are created, and how to reprogram my mind to align with the life I desired. I now live life from a place of love, peace, understanding, compassion, kindness, and joy with no room for fear or worry.
Renata is the first person I want to talk to when challenges arise. Her insight always centers me. She has an incredible gift of being able to communicate exactly what is needed- even if it’s something that’s been on my mind but haven’t spoken aloud.
Whatever you are struggling with, I am confident Renata can help you. I trust her completely. She has changed my life forever. Thanks Renata!

abstract-3166168_640.pngFrom Connie V.

I had been a client of Renata’s for two years in Chicago before we both serendipitously moved to California within months of each other.

She’s a gifted healer in the truest sense of the word, and was made for this work! From her eerily sentient intuition that hones in on your deepest triggers, to her velvety soothing hypnotic voice. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her work in both hypnotherapy and reiki and she’s incredibly skilled at both. In hypnotherapy I was able to identify deeply rooted beliefs that pre-dated any of my conscious understanding of my current issues, and her reiki sessions leave me floating in the most grounded way–it’s truly an amazing feeling! But one of the most important parts of the therapy is her guidance in interpreting the session which doesn’t leave you with looming seemingly useless bits of information. I’ve dealt with panic, depression and trauma and have seen a great improvement in several aspects of my life, have grown in leaps and am grateful for her gifts, wisdom and compassion.



From Chad K.

I worked with both Eric and Renata when they were practicing in the Chicago area. I had such positive and transformative experiences that I sought Eric out to do long-distance sessions with me. For the past several years, he’s been a powerful source of wisdom for me. He is a talented hypnotists and an insightful counselor. Can’t say enough good things about Sui Awakening.
From Grace A. 
I was referred to Renata by a friend who was seeing her at the time and had great results dealing with addictions. I have a history of anxiety/depression, and recently experienced heavy panic attacks. I decided to seek help from a doctor who prescribed medication and told me to reduce stress. I decided to look for a holistic approach to the problem before relying on pils, and that brought me to Sui Awakening where I experienced hypnotherapy for the first time in my life. From the very first session, I noticed a marked difference in my stress levels. Renata has helped me to uncover and get past some blocks that I’ve held for years. I could have spent ten years in traditional therapy and never seen the progress I attained in just a few sessions with Renata. My progress was real and noticeable to people around me, and now even my husband (a true sceptic) is seeing her and loves it. My sessions with Renata have been truly life changing. She is professional, knowledgeable, authentic, and wonderful! If you are in despair, or just want to feel better go see Renata.
From Damon L.
For the past 30 years I had absolutely given up on being happy – my goal was to simply not be unhappy.  I worked with Renata over a 6 month period and to my amazement I am now actually a happy man – happier than I have ever been in my life!  Sounds like an overstatement, but it is not. Her counseling and skilled hypotherapy have absolutely turned my life around and given it new meaning and excitement.  I have been freed from the confusion that has dominated my life, and the constraints of what I am supposed to be, to do and to feel. I now have a profound feeling of peace, and am no longer frightened by what I used to see as obstacles.
At 68 years old, through Renanta’s help, I found the courage to start an entirely new life – in every way. As with any transition there were difficult moments, but the happiness I have now, and I believe will remain for the rest of my life, far, far outways any such difficulties.  I shall be eternally grateful.
From Peter M.
ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGER! I was suffering from anxiety for many years till i met Renata from Sui Awakening Hypnosis. I was skeptical at first but after few sessions my life has completely changed.

I can’t be more thankful! Since then I recommend her to everyone.
It really works or maybe i should say it really works with Renata.

From Christopher, Age 11
I felt normal in the beginning. By the end of the session I felt as if something was added to me. I like my new mind set.
From Anonymous
I have been smoking for over 20 years and never thought I would see a day without a cigarette and was at my wits end with different attempts to quit. Friend recommended Sui Awakening Hypnosis and reluctantly I gave it a shot. I am so grateful I did!! Can’t believe that after one session I have no desire to smoke and after three weeks my life has completely shifted!! I feel better than ever and look forward to returning for other things!