Where did Sui Awakening come from?

Over the last several years many shifts began occurring for the universe and it was also the time that Renata and Eric met and the seeds for Sui Awakening began. During their time in graduate school, they began a series of life changing events both individually and together that has manifested and evolved into Sui Awakening.

“Sui” is the word for “beautiful” from the Shipibo tribal dialect, coming from an ageless tribe deep in the Peruvian Amazon. It was also beheld to both Eric and Renata from one of the Master Shamans of the tribe during a visit, entrusted to them as a form of mission and duty – to carry beautiful light of the universe forward into working with others.

Awakening is the process of relieving an individual of the burden pain and suffering that comes from living not in synch with their innermost desires. By dissolving the illusions of inauthenticity, we awaken to becoming conscious creators of our own reality.

During this visit Renata and Eric were also blessed by the tribe and married by the Master Shaman, recognized as a Twin Flame Union and given the direction to bring further awakening and awareness to our corner of the world.

Eric and Renata have chosen this most beautiful and powerful experience as the basis of Sui Awakening, and have created it so that our purpose and destiny of offering a beautiful awakening to the world can be given to you.

Awaken to the best version of your Self.