A Letter to Our Sui Awakening Visitors

Dear Visitors,

Thank you so much for coming to our Sui Awakening website.  If you are a return visitor you may notice some major changes to our site. Hopefully, you like them!

First, we strive for a “user-friendly” platform.  If you are searching for a specific topic simply use the SEARCH bar on all pages.

Secondly, we have many of our most popular topics listed on the bottom of footer.

Not able to leave your home to come to our office? No worries. We offer a SKYPE option for services.  

We expect that you may have many questions about our services.  Please check out the many sections of our website or  use the CONTACT  page to start a conversation, ask a question or request more information.  An easy to use contact form is also on the very bottom of this letter!

Most importantly, know that YOU are our priority.  We appreciate you visiting. We hope that you will call  us or schedule an appointment for us to work together on starting your new beautiful life chapter.

Best always,

Renata and Eric


About Spiritual Awakening Regressions

Spiritual awakening
Peak experiences
Spiritual evolution
Spiritual Emergence
Expended experiences of living
Near Death Experience integration
After the experience integration
Ayahuasca experience integration
Existential crisis
Dark Night of the Soul
Deep longing for Divine
Twin Flame experience
Navigating spiritual journey
Exploring and improving the self beyond the ego
Living to one’s highest potential spiritually and physically
Connecting to your Higher Self
Altered states of consciousness
Raise your vibration
Moving into 5D and higher dimensions
Feel whole again
Inner adviser
Strengthen your intuition
Lucid dreaming
Out of body experience
Psychic protection
Release negative energy attachments
Life changes
New beginnings
Automatic writing
Healing power
Past life regression
Inner womb regression
Inner child work
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