I am on a mission. My mission is to be reborn into my true Self and bring that awareness forward in order to assist others in the most complete and natural way. I believe that we all are capable of assisting others only as far as we have been willing to help ourselves – that what I bring to clients is a reflection of my own willingness to pursue deeper growth and experience.

I am passionate about wholeness and that explains why I chose to study Transpersonal Psychology. One of my professors, the well-known Transpersonal Psychologist Glenn Hartelius, explains it this way: “Ordinary psychology understands our thoughts, our fears, our feelings and our dreams, to be nothing more than a by-product of brain activity. You ‘fix’ people by manipulating their biology. By contrast, transpersonal is a transformative psychology of the whole person in intimate relationship with an interconnected and evolving world. It pays special attention to states of consciousness in which one can experience the world in these ways, and participate in the healing of each other and the world.”

Within those graduate years I firmly ensconced myself in assuming full acceptance of being a healer and therapist, living my passion and expressing that freely with the world. Since then I have had the honor and pleasure to witness and enable incredible shifts within others, and have been further inspired to provide that opportunity. Using methods such as Hypnosis, Hypno-Fertility, Life Coaching and Reiki, I am giving the people I work with the chance at true metamorphosis, recognition of their highest potential, and realization of their dreams – perhaps even before they awaken to it.

I have been on a journey seeking wholeness in my Self – my body, mind, and spirit – since my youth and as a result I have had many spiritually transformative experiences that directly translate into my work as a therapist. I am an intuitive, and am individually guided in designing my work with each client.

I love hypnosis! It’s a conduit for me to accomplish my goal of empowering others. In my mind, there is no better/faster way than using hypnosis to heal, to redirect, to reprogram your psyche so it works for you rather than against you. I recognize that I am a conscious creator of my reality and I take 100% responsibility for everything that I create or attract into my life. Hypnosis helps me to direct or re-direct focus into desirable goals and outcomes. I am excited to have this wonderful opportunity to provide gateways of transformation!


Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology – Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies – University of Illinois at Chicago
Certified in Transformational Life Coaching
Certified Hypnotherapist – registered and active member in the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Certified Regression Hypnotist – past life, inner child, inner wound
Certified Hypno-Fertility
Certified Reiki Healer